On Second Thought… Southampton Publick House WILL Release Their Russian Imperial Stout in 2013!!!

UPDATE: There are 450 bottles (750 ml) available for sale at the brewery. The brewmaster Evan Addario wanted to keep this hush, hush so those that frequent Southampton Publick House could grab some bottles. He didn’t want all of them to go to people who just show up when “rarities” are available. Head over to the brewery to get a bottle (2 bottle limit per person). Most importantly visit Southampton more frequently as Evan says he puts up one-offs often.

You may have read somewhere that Southampton Publick House would not be putting out their Russian Imperial Stout in 2013. Okay, it was here at Beer Loves Company where you may have read that. Well it seems that was a fib, or at least let’s say a glitch in the Matrix.

Last night we received an email from SHPH containing an invitation to a beer dinner for the release of their Biere de Mars (a 6.5% ABV Biere de Garde) and also, surprisingly, a 2013 edition of their Russian Imperial Stout. Having reported that this beer would not be released this year we were left kind of, well, thunderstruck. We quickly sent a late night email over to the Publick House to see why they had a change of heart and to see if there would be a release party for their RIS this year. Here is the response we received from their newly minted(ish) brewmaster Evan Addario.

I am sorry for the misunderstanding. This years plan was to brew the Russian Imperial Stout, but as we had no other rare, cellared beers, we could not put on a release party as we have in the past. We decided instead to have a beer dinner, as we do a couple of times a year. This one is focusing on the release of the Biere De Mars, our spring seasonal as well as the RIS. The plan is to have the RIS on tap for a week or so, as long as supplys last. I hope this answers your questions and I hope to see you guys out here for a glass.

Evan Addario

Southampton Publick House
40 Bowden Square
Southampton, NY 11968
(631) 283-2800”

If you remember from our original article we spoke with Don Sullivan, the President of Southampton Publick House & Southampton Bottling LLC, who told us there would not be a release of RIS this year. Back then, Don said that he would pass our message along to Evan and we are glad that he ultimately came to us bearing good news.

Unlike previous years, the RIS will only be available on tap and only for a very limited time. So if you are not attending the beer dinner tonight, make it a point to get out there this weekend to partake in the small batch that is available. This is your one chance for Southampton Russian Imperial Stout this year, so don’t miss out. And hopefully the bottle release will be back, party and all, in 2014!

PS: Check out BJ Gamboa’s article over at Drinking Made Easy about the 2012 release. A little something to hold you over until next years experience.


Southampton – A Photo Journal of Fall Festivities

After breaking the tragic news that the release of Southampton Publick House Russian Imperial Stout is cancelled for 2012, we decided a little levity was in order. We offer here a post collecting of images from our trip this past fall to Southampton. Over the last three years we have headed out to Eastern Long Island, before Halloween, with the intention to grab some pumpkins and try some beer. Our destinations have been Hank’s Pumpkintown (which was insanley packed this year) and Southampton Publick House. Last year we even stopped at Duck Walk Vineyards, which is across from Hanks’s, but this year we opted not to as it seemed like every parent out there decided to drown their sorrows in some vino.

Hank’s is located in Watermill NY and is a gigantic, epic, event of a pumpkin patch. There are several corn mazes, slides and a train which offers rides through the pumpkin patch. We took a walk around and ended up selecting two small sugar pumpkins. These two pumpkins made it home and eventually we carved them, like champions. Next we decided to leave Hank’s with its gaggle of grade schoolers and bleary eyed parents behind and head over to the Publick House for a few snacks and brews. The bar had a fair amount of people inside, the location has a bar/dining area as well as a dining room, but a table was secured without too much trouble.

A few specials were on the board as were two seasonals. We tried the Abbey Single, Pumpkin Ale and we split the Abbot 12. All of the beers were satisfying, refreshing and delicious. The single was a nice light take on a Belgian brew with subtle yeast, hop and spicy notes. The pumpkin ale had a nice body and spiciness to it (click for our review of the bottled version). The Abbot 12 is Southampton’s take on a Belgian Quad. This is a strong ale featuring of dark fruit, alcohol, yeast and sweet accents. We actually were served this brew in a pint glass which at 10.5% ABV is a large serving and the reason we split it. The food we had was standard bar food which worked well in the setting and hit the spot. An overall successful trip. We suggest you head out to Southampton Publick House and Hank’s when the season rolls back around. Now here are the pictures you were promised (sorry for the long rambling rundown). Enjoy!


Long Island Pompion Pumpkin


Hank;s Pumpkin Town

Southhampton Publick House Bar Room

Southhampton Publick House Bar

Southhampton Publick House Beer List

Southhampton Publick House Bar

southhampton hank's pumpkin

Tragedy Dear Friends, Southampton Publick House Cancels 2013 Russian Imperial Stout Release

Dear Reader,

We here at Beer Loves Company have tragic, tragic news to report. This year Southampton Publick House has decided to cancel their Russian Imperial Stout release. You may be thinking (perhaps bellowing aloud) a gut-wrenching, “NOOOOOOO!!!!!”, we understand your pain. The BLC gang was eager to enlist some fellow beer lovers, pack up the car, wake up before dawn and stand in line for the release of Southampton Publick House Russian Imperial Stout. Unfortunately we all will have to wait until 2014.

We started planning for this event this past summer. As we sat on a beach savoring glasses of Smuttynose Farmhous Ale and relaxing, dreams of delightful, dark, delicious beer danced in our heads. Deciding we should find out when the actual day of release would be we placed a call to the Publick House. The helpful staff member on the other end of the line told us that the release would be the last week in January, as it has been. Time passed, seasons changed and we decided once again to see if we could get an exact date for the event. The website for Southampton Publick House was updated over this time but no mention of the RIS appeared. It was time to send an email. We decided to issue one to Don Sullivan, the president of SHPH. The response we received (which follows) was unexpected and sad. Here dear reader, is the full content of Mr. Sullivan’s message. We will let him explain everything to you (and give you a smack of hope).

“Hi A+K,

I’m sorry to say we will not be hosting a release party this year due to
many challenges and new programs we’ve instituted this past year.

We’ve hosted a release party for 10 years or more consecutively, so I’m sad
to say we’re not able to do so this year. however, I am eager to let you
know that we will begin to brew, bottle and store many small batch brews
this winter with the intent on reintroducing the Release Party in January
2014 bigger and better than ever.

To be honest, scarcity is what makes these beers worth lining up for in the
cold and I’d rather skip a year so that the quality of our offerings stay
true to our mission.

Hopefully you’ll keep us on your calendar as a year goes pretty darned


Don Sullivan
Southampton Publick House
Southampton Bottling, LLC”

Long Ireland Black Friday 2012 Release Party – Long Ireland Brewery Riverhead, NY

Occupy Black Friday Long Ireland Imperial Stout

This Black Friday we will not be waiting on line outside a Best Buy for one of the three discounted televisions they have in the entire store. Instead, we will be waiting outside a brewery for a special release of one of their beers. Equally crazy? Perhaps.  But we bet it will be way more delicious and the line will be a bit more fun. Also, we are pretty sure most major retailers will not be serving waffles this morning.

Today we are heading to Long Ireland Brewery in Riverhead NY (click link for Google map) for the release of their Imperial Stout, “Black Friday”. This is the second annual release of this brew. We are looking forward to trying a sample or two and taking home some bottles. Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed for updates through out the festivities. Of course we will have a full review of both the event and beer up sometime next week. In the meantime, enjoy your Black Friday whether you are nursing a food hangover, shopping for the perfect deal or maybe even having a beer holiday yourself.

Long Ireland Black Friday Imperial Stout 2012 Packed Up

From Long Ireland Brewery: Come join us for the release of Black Friday Imperial Stout, Tony from Tap and Barrel will be making his famous waffles from 9-11am (apparently there may be ice cream too). Come down for some samples, growlers or pickup a bottle of Black Friday Imperial Stout or Winter Ale. We are open from 9am-6pm. We ask that people not bring other beverages with them due to licensing reasons. Thanks!!

Long Ireland Black Friday Imperial Stout 2012 Label