Blue Point Brewing Company 10th Annual Cask Ales Festival – April 5, 2014


This Saturday, Blue Point Brewing Company will hold their 10th annual Cask Ales Festival. This is one of the oldest and most widely anticipated beer events on Long Island, often selling out extremely quickly. This year was no exception, as tickets are now sold out so hopefully you got yours early. The event will run from 2-6 pm and is held rain or shine (or snow, though our fingers are crossed that spring is finally here). Over 30 breweries will be on hand pouring cask ales and food will be available for purchase. A couple years ago, a giant cask of Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout paired with a smoked turkey leg was quite memorable.

We will of course be in attendance, pouring our cider at the Brewers East End Revival table. This is the first time we have ever casked a cider, so we are a bit anxious to finally tap it and taste the result. We also brewed a black saison with Melissa (the First Lady of Beer) and Joe (the Barack Obama of brewing?) for the Long Island Beer & Malt Enthusiasts table. This one was a bit of an experiment, as we modified the recipe due to an ingredient mix up, but it was promising when we put it in the cask last weekend. At that time, we also added quite a bit of red wine concentrate, so that will also be a bit of a flavor surprise when we tap it. We haven’t yet gotten word that the cask has exploded, so all is well thus far.

Blast From the Past-B.E.E.R Table 2013

Blast From the Past-B.E.E.R Table 2013

This is the first cask festival since Blue Point has been acquired by Anheuiser Busch and we are sure more than a few people will be keeping a close eye on things, if anything, is different this year.  All we know is this is a great event that we have both been attending for many years, and we are excited to be serving our beer for the second year in a row. Stop by the B.E.E.R table to try Woody Appleson, which happens to be our oak aged cider, and then pay a visit to L.I.B.M.E to try the wild wine saison along with the rest of the beers both clubs are pouring.

Brewer's East End Revival OktoBEERfest plus Briess Special Roast Contest w/ Grain from Brewtopia – September 14 2013

This Saturday the Brewers East End Revival will hold their annual OctoBEERfest celebration at Cathedral Pines Park in Middle Island. In the traditional German spirit, and despite what the name might indicate, this event is always held in September. However, as the name does indicate, it is also a celebration of beer which is all brewed and contributed by B.E.E.R club members, but more on that later. Additional information about the event can be found on the website, but all you need to know is that it’s $15 (unless you brewed a beer), families are welcome and be sure to bring food for yourself and a little something to share with everyone. There will bee music, BBQ, clams, outdoor games and raffles (with a prize being a 1lb bag of CITRA HOPS!).

In addition to the general BBQ fun, music by White Room (featuring B.E.E.R.’s own Bill Ports) and outdoor beer drinking there will also be a special beer tasting and mini-contest. Mark from Brewtopia was generous enough to donate a 50 lb. bag of Briess Special Roast Malt as a prize for the 17th Annual B.E.E.R Brew Off. Since we assumed (correctly) that no brewer would want to take home a 50lb bag of specialty grain we decided to spread the wealth, dividing the bag among the club. All interested members received a 2 lb. bag with the only caveat being it had to be used to brew something for the OktoBEERfest. We had an overwhelming response and were only left with a couple pounds of malt, so it will be great to see how many different applications the same ingredient was used in. There will be a nut brown or ESB by Chritine Rudowski, a Pale Ale by Lou Zollo, a Belgian Pale Ale by Dave Phillips, a Dunkelweizen by Justin Brian, an American Pale Ale by Greg Woody, a Belgian Dark Mild by Al Raschdor, a Sourdough Roggenbier by Eric Grimm and more. We here at BLC really got wild with it and decided to make a gallon and a half or so of wort using the Special Roast Malt (along with a few other grains) and fresh hops. We then mixed that with four gallons of apple juice and ale yeast. Our beer/cider hybrid is currently fermenting away and we are definitely anxious to keg, serve and most importantly try it (the same goes for all of the other beers too).


Everyone involved goes out of their way to make this a great event for the club. This will be our first year attending so we are especially looking forward to participating in all of the outdoor fun and imbibing. So when will you hear more about our brewing a cider/beer with the Special Roast Grain? Soon. First we have articles from B.E.E.R. members, Al Raschdorf detailing the brew day for his Belgian Dark Mild and another from Eric Grimm where he discusses crafting his Sourdough Roggenbier. These will be featured as guest posts in the coming week. We hope you enjoy their writing as much as us and we cannot wait to try their brews.

2013 North Fork Craft Beer, BBQ and Wine Festival at Martha Clara Vineyards Wrap-Up (or Should we Say Bandage-Up?)

So the North Fork Craft Beer, BBQ and Wine Fest held at Martha Clara Vineyards has come and gone for another year. This event truly has a lot going on with the beer, BBQ and to some extent wine (also some cider and mead showed up as well).

Gallons upon gallons of great beer was being served the entire day by breweries from around the country while music played, friends got friendy with it and pigs were roasted on spits. We here at BLC were able to sell our Beer Loves Long Island shirts as well as a variety of our buttons throughout the event.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity not only pour our newest ale Hopless Romantic (an herbal gruit) at the Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts table but we also were able serve several different versions of our cider at the Brewers East End Revival table too. All of our boozy treats got a great reception and we went home empty handed, which we were happy about. All in all we had a good time with friends from two clubs, numerous breweries and had a chance to pour our drinks for a thirsty public while pawning off our (radical) merchandise on them.

If we had to sum the event up to you it would go like this:

So much beer!

Wow those people liked our cider.

Hey we sold some shirts!

Wow there is a lot of beer here.

Holy cow there are even more people, everywhere.

Hey look at those guys/gals hitting each other.

Yikes another fight.

Shit was wild.

Andy Calimano and Starfish Junction Productions really do know how to throw a party. We are looking forward to bringing even more beer and cider to next year’s event with a bunch more Beer Loves Company merch. See you next year Martha Clara/hordes of people/brawlers (we will think of you fondly until then <3).