Barrage Brewing: It's Almost Go Time…

It’s been a long road for Barrage Brewing the past couple years, but finally there is light at the end of the tunnel and beer in the fermenters. After months of construction, roadblocks from Suffolk County and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Barrage has now begun production in their Farmingdale, New York facility.

Owner Steve Pominski says they hope to open the doors this month and are well on their way to making sure the brewery is fully stocked. Craft beer bars and distributors are already eagerly waiting for kegs to be filled, so look for Barrage beer on tap across Long Island very soon. Additionally, Barrage Brewing will have tasting room hours and offer on site growler fills and merchandise.

An official grand opening announcement will be made on Barrage’s website (and ours), though we are sure all of the Long Island craft beer scene will be talking about it on Facebook and Twitter so it’ll be tough to miss. In the meantime, check out a list of all the beers Barrage brews to get ready and figure out which you want to try first. The brewery will likely open with about five varieties on tap with rotating specials and seasonals making appearances.

If you just can’t wait, Barrage will be pouring at the Rocky Point Nano Cask Festival on January 25 & the Winter Wings and Beer Fest on February 22, though hopefully they will be open by wing time.

Barrage Brewing: Doors Successfully Kicked (Almost) Open!

Way to go, Long Island! Once again you have supported a local member of the craft beer community in the form of a Kickstarter campaign, and once again they have met and surpassed the target. Earlier today, with 8 hours to spare, Barrage Brewing met their Kickstarter goal of $18,000. This money will be used towards mandatory sewer system work, which is the final step before the brewery can open its doors. Very soon we will have yet another brewery here on Long Island (in Farmingdale, to be exact) thanks in part to the support of the community. To say Steve Pominski, owner of Barrage Brewing, is excited and grateful would likely be an understatement. We will leave you with his Facebook status moments after the $18,000 milestone was reached:

All of us at Barrage Brewing Company would like to thank everyone that helped us with getting our Kickstarter fully funded!!!!! You did it everyone…you are making a long awaited dream come true!!! Now lets get these freaking doors open!!!!!!



North Fork Craft Beer, BBQ and Wine Festival @ Martha Clara

This Saturday, August 10th, the 7th annual North Fork Craft Beer, BBQ and Wine Festival will take place at Martha Clara Vineyard in Riverhead, New York. The festival will run from 2 pm-6 pm, with VIP entry starting at 1 pm, giving those patrons an extra hour of tasting, eating and socializing. Unfortunately, tickets are completely sold out, though there are a few pairs floating around on Craigslist if you decide to make a last minute appearance.
north fork beer fest
For those of you who have your tickets purchased and ready to go, this is one of our personal favorite beer festivals so you are in for a real treat. There will be tasting booths set up from virtually all the Long Island breweries, as well as national favorites like Founders, Captain Lawrence, Jolly Pumpkin and more. Additionally, some of these booths will have timed releases of special brews (such as Goose Island Bourbon County Stout), so be sure to set a festival schedule for yourself. If for some reason you need a break from beer, there will also be selections from several Long Island wineries and food supplied by Maple Tree BBQ.
We will be pouring our Hopless Romantic gruit we brewed with Frank F of “Big C Brewery” as well as a small selection of BLC ciders at the Long Island Beer & Malt Enthusiasts table. The gruit is a summer take on our Saint Remo while the ciders were our first venture into the genre, inspired by a seminar we attended at the AHA Conference. In addition to (hopefully) delicious beverages, we will also have custom made “Beer Loves Long Island” T-shirts and an array of buttons for sale. We hope to see everyone there, as it is sure to be a day filled with good beer, food and company.

Barrage Brewing Company Kickstarter – Let's Kick Those Doors Open!!!



But first here is a little background. As you can see from the above photo, Barrage Brewing Company is ready to start brewing. Unfortunately they have run into a crappy situation thanks to the Suffolk County Sewer District. The SCSD wants Steve Pominski (owner of BBC) to do a fair amount of work at his brewery located in Farmingdale, New York. This came as a bit of a shock because everything seemed to be kosher with all of the building permits up until the moment the SCSD stepped up to the plate. The town had no issues with the brewery or the beer that would be produced there and did not mandate any upgrades or changes to the location. To run the burners a gas line was needed but there was no issue in obtaining the line (although it was delayed several months due to hurricane Sandy). All seemed to be going fairly well, things were moving forward nicely while Barrage Brewing Company waited for it’s license to come in from New York State so they could be a full fledged brewery crafting beer for a thirsty public. Ah the halcyon days right?

Things took a slight turn when Public Works “…came out of nowhere” and required a line to coming from the brewery and ending at one sample well. This shed a light on the sewer system possibly becoming an issue but all seemed well and BBC thought the one line and well combination would be all they would need. As it turns out this was only a glimpse of things to come. When Steve and crew went to file the permits the Suffolk County Sewer District came in and turned everything upside down. The SCSD did not care what Public Works wanted, they had a list of their own requirements.

As it turns out that list not only requires two sample wells which need to be attached to a drain in the brewery and a separate bathroom line (in case Steve is dumping trub or beer product down his drains) but these lines must run out to two wells in the parking lot of the brewery. These then need to be run about 140 feet connecting to the main sewer hook up. While that may seem like a lot of work already the SCSD also had originally requested that ALL of the buildings units would require a well. The owner of the location was not happy, Steve was not happy all around it was a gloomy time in Farmingdale. Luckily the plumber Barrage has hired has thirty plus years of experience working with the SCSD and was able to talk them into only requiring four wells total. The landlord has agreed to put in two wells, brining his location up to code, while Steve will need to put in his own two wells. This is not a cheap addition and will cost Barrage Brewing Company the better half of $18,000 to accomplish. Yikes.

The bottom line is this: without achieving his Kickstarter goal Steve Pominski will have to shut down Barrage Brewing Company. FOREVER. That will be that. The decades long dream will end with three year short years of frustration rather than many happy years of success and good craft beer. There are 20 days left in Barrage Brewing Company’s drive to raise $18,000 and as of this writing they are 22% funded. #Local stuff is the jump off right so if you are able head on over and donate.