Blue Point Brewing Company Wet Hops Experiment (2012)

BLC Says:
Blue Point had fresh hops sent over night to the brewery from the Pacific Northwest in order to produce their 2012 Blue Point Brewery Wet Hops Experiment. This brew was a very limited release and was sold on tap in either growlers or pints. We opted to take home a fresh filled growler. The beer has an amber body with orange hues and a cream colored head that stays up for awhile, leaving a bit of lacing and a thin, foamy cap when it subsides. Bright hops come through in the aroma, with fruity and floral notes in the background. The fresh, hoppy scent is backed up by a bready, slightly toasted malt presence. A hint of earthy grass ties it all together. The sip has a nice, lively amount of carbonation and bitterness throughout, managing to balance all of its parts. There is a bright quality to the flavor and while it is hoppy and floral start to finish, it ends on a malty note leaving you wanting another sip to begin the cycle again.

What Alicia Thinks:
Although this is not super light, I could see it being more of a summer beer. It is very bright and refreshing in flavor and it is pretty easy to drink. It is still a bit on the hoppy side for me, but I still enjoyed it and if I had to pick a hop filled beer to drink this would be on my short list. It is not just a bitter, hoppy explosion with nothing else to back it up. I enjoyed the floral and fruity notes as well as the bit of malt that made it’s way into the beer. Overall I would say this experiment was a success.

What Kevin Thinks:
Wet Hop Experiment 2012 is a refreshing ale. The use of fresh/wet, hops gives the brew a wonderful aroma and flavor. Notes of citrus, orange, fruit, and floral aspects mingle with toasted, bready, solid base malts in the aroma. All of these parts come together and harmonize in the flavor as well being supported by a creamy, mildly-carbonated, medium drinking body. This beer would fit as well in the last days of summer as it would at the beginning of autumn. A nice balance is struck here and Wet Hops Experiment is a very welcome release. For me this beer is a very solid 8/10.

ABV: ?   IBU: ?   Color: Medium Amber-Orange   Year: 2012   Brewery: Blue Point Brewing Company

The Brewery Says:
Each extremely limited, special batch of Blue Point Wet Hops Experiment is hop-backed with 100 pounds of “wet” Pacific Northwest hops. Wet hops are fresh off the vine and must be used within 48 hours for maximum aroma and bitterness potency; which means we only brew a couple batches in late summer when the first harvests of west coast hops can be shipped overnight. Vienna, Melanoidin, Munich, Crystal and chocolate malts amount to a nice, medium body. The Mt. Rainier, Cascade and Crystal hop base is rounded out by Amarillo and Simcoe wet hops after the boil to lend a grassy, resiny finish to this well balanced, easy drinking, dark copper session ale.

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